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Each ring of wood grows thicker and larger to embrace the tree itself and accumulate strength. It takes about 100 years for a tree to be large enough to be made into a plate or tray. To reduce waste, we use the precision and speed of machinery to obtain and refine wood from the mountain forest, while delicate hand sanding creates a high-quality texture. We want to use the strength of the condensed 100 years of growth in solid timber for another century and bring the charm of wood into our daily life. This way of production cherishes trees so we can hand down a rich forest to future generations. 
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Film shooting / editing :
Naoki Miyashita(Terminal81 Film


Music / Sound design : 
Shinji Wakasa (Hitsujisoundfactory.)


KITO  “With Tree”

We named this product series “KITO,” meaning “with Tree” in Japanese so that we can spend our daily life in touch with the essence of the wood. We believe that the feeling of comfort that only solid wood can bring is essential for us to spend a peaceful life. We are strived to create products that deliver comfort and hoping that people can be respectful and appreciative of nature.


SUI  “Refined Wooden Vessels”

A collection of wooden vessels created with the "essence" of AIZAWA Wood Works, making full use of the life of the wood.

This series of gorgeous vessels brings out the charm of wood through our in-depth knowledge of wood and advanced craftsmanship.

We will produce a variety of wooden vessels, some delicately crafted, others full of wildness.

(We also take orders for custom sizes to suit your cuisine or restaurant.)

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Streams nurture forests.


Origin of the brand mark

The logo is an abstraction of a landscape of water flowing from a mountain ridge.
Mountain ranges create ridges and valleys, and water flows through them, creating many streams.
The streams nurture plants, trees, and forests.
We would like to continue to provide the comfort of wood in people's daily lives by receiving lovely trees grown in the forests nurtured by the many streams.

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Founded in 1947 in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture JAPAN, as a wood fabric maker for lacquer ware.
Our processing techniques range from wooden box work, wood carving work, wood turning, and bent wood work, and we specialize in NC machining.
We have many domestic and international wood materials and can handle a variety of orders.

September 2013:  Started manufacturing and selling original wood products.
April 2019:  Welcomed Mr. Masanori Oji as branding director.
September 2019:  Launches the "KITO" series.

March 2023: Launches the "SUI" series.

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Trees nurture people.

AIZAWA Wood Works

3-8-1, Hori-machi, Wajima-City,
Ishikawa, 928-0062, JAPAN

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